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Graphi Studio Italy Visit

Graphi Studio Italy Visit – May 2018

 This year I had the opportunity to visit Italy and see where the albums from Graphi studio I provide my clients with are made.

 I have been using the Graphi Studio album products for the last 10 years and was excited to visit the factory where these fabulous albums are made. The factory is located in Northern Italy and was situated in a beautiful valley. We had a 2-hour tour around the factory and visited all areas. When we say your albums are handmade, they really ARE handmade in every detail. From all the different coloured leather covers used on every album to the state of the art HD printing machines, the whole factory is mind blowing! The attention to detail and the friendliness of all the workers there was all inspiring. We even were allowed to see the new Young book videos being produced which was a spectacle on its own. Dario, one of the senior managers, gave an inspiring and passionate talk about the print and future of their products and the reason why having a printed wedding album is so important. There are so many Bride and Grooms who opt for a Disc Only option and never print any of the beautiful images that we produce into an album. This is fundamentally the reason why I have decided not to do Disc Only options anymore as we have no control over the final printed images each client produces from various retail outlets and it totally diminishes all that hard work, effort, passion for a beautiful photo that we have all trained hard to achieve.

Graphi Studio Italy Factory

Graphi Studio Italy Factory


I was lucky enough to visit the Graphi studio factory as well as Northern Italy with 12 fantastic photographers who have become really good friends.

Here are some of the images taken at the factory as well as some of the images from our workshop and training we undertook whilst we were all there.

A massive thanks to Scott and Paul who arranged such a fantastic trip and something we will all treasure for a long time.

Graphistudio Castle

Graphistudio Castle


Heather and Samuel @ The Lawns Rochford

Heather and Samuel booked me initially through although now knowing them better; I am pretty sure it was just Heather that made the arrangements! 😉

 When their enquiry came through advising that they had chosen their wedding venue of ‘The Lawns, in Rochford’ in February, I was confident this would be a great day as the Lawns is just full of fantastic photo opportunities come rain or shine – or predicted snow!!

 The year since they booked me came around very quickly and when I sat down with them both a few weeks before their big day, Heather and Samuel both seemed very excited and were looking forward to their special day.

 When I turned up to The Lawns, I was told that sadly Mr Keddie who was the owner of the estate had sadly passed away a few days prior and the place just seemed to be a little bit empty although I did not personally know Mr Keddie, I am sure he had a vast influential part of The Lawns being as spectacular as it is and being one of the best wedding venues in the County.

 I think the temperature when I turned up at The Lawns at around lunchtime was about 0 degrees and with the wind-chill it felt about -2 degrees! But when I walked through to the library with the magnificent roaring open fire, it really made the venue warm and inviting.

 Heather and her bridal party were well and truly engulfed in ‘Hair and Make-Up’ preparation so I decided to photograph all the finer details and wait for Samuel and his entourage to turn up.

 When Samuel, ‘the Bearded Wizard’ (His Brother), his best friend and Father turned up, we braved the cold weather outside for roughly 8-9 minutes and we all agreed it was going to be very challenging taking photographs outside today due to the bitter cold.  

 After Heather’s bridesmaids had been photographed, I had approximately 7 minutes with Heather before her interview was arranged with the registrars before the ceremony commenced. Although this is sometimes how it goes and at times I have no time to photograph the Bride before the ceremony, but these shots can almost be made up during the day.

 The ceremony went off without a hitch and we decided to grin and bear the cold weather outside to have a few photos with just Samuel and Heather. To be fair, she done amazingly well considering she had a strapless dress with no shoulder or arm coverage that protected her from the cold!

We were soon back in front of the roaring fire to thaw out and to start the group set of photographs.

 They decided to undertake their speeches before their wedding breakfast which is always something I recommend as the nerves quickly get eradicated and everyone can then relax and enjoy their meal.   I then discovered that Heather and Samuel had placed me to sit on one of their guest tables to enjoy the meal which was really a lovely and unexpected gesture.

 Samuel’s Dads speech had some of the funniest jokes I had heard from a father’s speech and was certainly one for the memory bank.

 Both Heather and Samuel have wonderful families and it was an absolute pleasure and honour being a part of your Big Day by allowing me to photograph your wedding.





I hope you enjoy a selection of some of my favourite photos that were taken on the day and I look forward to seeing you in the next few weeks to showcase your full set of wedding images.

Congratulations to you both.






Laura & Steve’s Wedding @ Phyllis Court Club

A close friend of mine, Colin asked me if I would photograph his best friend’s wedding and of course, I was delighted to. When Laura and Steve told me that their wedding was going to take place in Henley, I knew this was going to be a spectacular wedding especially as they were having their wedding reception on a paddle steam boat going up down the River Thames.

I have known Laura and Steve a few years myself and knew the kind of wedding approach they would like to take and it helped that they were going to be both fairly relaxed knowing I was going to be taking their wedding photos. For me, this also gave me the opportunity to make this day as fun as possible.

When I met up with Laura and Steve a few weeks before their big day, I could tell how excited Laura was about the day’s plans and events. We were fortunate enough to take a quick look around the wonderful paddle steamer boat that was being hired from Hobbs of Henley and also take a look around their stunning boathouse ceremony room that was located in the Finley Suite at the Phyllis Court Club.

This venue was so light and airy, I knew this would be a stunning place for a ceremony and would make my job an absolute delight. I couldn’t wait to get started!!

Their Big Day soon came around and as I made my way across London the weather for forever changing and the clouds were beginning to look pretty angry but I could see some glimmer of sun trying to break through and I just prayed that the day would give me the opportunity to get some amazing shots at this wonderfully planned day.

I arrived at the Phyllis Court Club and started the bridal preparations photos Laura’s bridesmaids but the time soon slipped by and unfortunately Laura was not completely ready so I had to leave and photograph Steve and his Best Man and Usher.

I managed to get some great shots of the lads on the banks of the Thames and then I made my way back to see if Laura was ready and luckily, I had time to grab a few shots before the ceremony was about to begin.

Just as the ceremony started, the heavens opened and the bridal party had to be escorted in by the staff holding an array of umbrellas! Minutes before the ceremony, the sun decided to come out and light up the room and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Laura looked stunning in her bridal gown and was glowing with excitement, Steve was beaming with pride although I have a feeling he was putting on a brave face feeling a little delicate after a little bird tells me he had a few pre-wedding drinks the night before!

wedding breakfast

The paddle steamer arrived and we all embarked for the celebrations and wedding breakfast. I have got to say, it was one of the most exciting, breath-taking and unusual wedding I have had the opportunity to photograph and the sights and views going up & down the Thames were amazing and a photographer’s dream.

The entire wedding congregation were in high spirits and had a fantastic time – even to the point where the heavens opened again and at least of 20 of the guests, including the Bride were dancing in the rain!  Everyone was having an absolute ball.


I would just like to Thank Steve, Laura and my friend Colin for letting me be part of this fantastic day. Laura and Steve, Many Congratulations to you both, it has been an honour photographing your special day and here are a few favourite photos of mine from your special day.

I will look forward to showing you the complete gallery of photos once you are back from your honeymoon.

Lauren & Danny @ Blake Hall Ongar

I was recommended to Lauren and Danny by a friend of mine who I had the pleasure of photographing her wedding a few years ago #BestDrivingInstructorEver

When they initially told me they were getting married at Blake Hall Ongar I was quite excited about this venue as I hadn’t photographed a wedding there for a few years and had heard really good reviews about this venue and their new refurbishments and improvements.

When we met up for our pre-wedding appointment, I can remember telling them that the perfect wedding photography weather was dry but with a slight cloud covering so it is not too bright. This was exactly the type of day we ended up getting on the day.

On the wedding day at Blake Hall Ongar, I met up with Lauren & her bridal party that consisted of Lauren’s sister, Mum and Grandmother.

After a few cheeky photos of them in their designer dressing gowns, it was all systems go to get ready and for Lauren to get into her amazing bridal gown that complimented her perfectly.

I took some individual photos of Lauren’s Mum, Nan and Sister but unfortunately, Lauren was still not ready when I had to leave to start photographing Danny and his wedding entourage. Danny and the Lads were in a buoyant mood and ready to go! We got some amazing shots and they all seemed very relaxed and excited about the day ahead. I photographed the wedding rings that the Best Man had securely in his possession and I noticed that they both had personalised inscriptions on the inside.

This is always difficult to photograph this as the details is so small but I managed to get the shot I was after, capturing their wedding date.  I managed to get back to see Lauren, in the hope that she was ready so that I could get a few shots of her before she made her way to the ceremony.

Luckily, she was ready to go and I managed to complete the set of images I wanted but I could see she was starting to feel the nerves a little and just wanted to get going.

The ceremony

The ceremony went off without a hitch and they both done extremely well with their vows and before we knew it, it was time for canapes, Pimms and a chance for Lauren and Danny to relax a bit whilst their guests congratulated them both. As the weather was proving perfect, I decided to whisk the happy couple around the stunning grounds of Blake Hall that were full of colour and just a dream to work with. I captured a wonderful set of images of them both on their own and then we made our way back to the guests before they were called in for the wedding breakfast.

With one eye on the sunset, we managed to escape into the grounds of Blake Hall Ongar and got some fabulous shots of Lauren and Danny in the low light levels having a cuddle.


It was a real pleasure to work with Lauren and Danny and their families. Thank you Tracey & Chris for recommending me, it was an absolute honour to photograph this wedding at this fantastic wedding venue.

Here is a sneak preview of some of my favourite photos from their day. I look forward to showing Lauren and Danny their full set of images once they are back from their honeymoon.